Trying to “Go Green”? We can actually help! Using a commercial car wash helps you go green because, compared to driveway or parking lot car washing, everything that is rinsed off is routed directly to treatment facilities, instead of the curb and storm drains. Once in storm drain systems, toxic wastewater can enter local lakes, streams, rivers and oceans where it becomes a threat to aquatic life. It is more severe than run-of-the-mill dirt, dust, and mud. There are chemicals and other hazards that are freed from a car’s exterior when washed. These substances can include oils, greases, rust, benzene, residues from brake pads and exhaust fumes. Secondly, the water itself can include chemicals from the cleaning agents (soaps, degreasers, sprays, wipes, etc.) used in the car washing process. And then there’s the water itself…

The Facts: Professional car washing also uses less water with advanced, computerized technology to control water output reducing the water amount used by up to 60 percent compared to a home wash with a garden hose.
At home washing requires between 80 and 140 gallons per car. We use less than 45 gallons per car.

This means that we waste less water than a home wash would simply because our machines can properly allocate it. The less water we use to wash our cars, the more water we have available to drink, water crops, and, most importantly, fill up pools for those hot summer days.

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